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Confirmed Players

Location: St Mary's
Time: Sunday, January 24, 2021  6:00:00 PM
, Domenick  (Asked to sub)
Barker, Chris  (Asked to sub)
Belanger, Tim  (Asked to sub)
Fullmer, Lori  (Asked to sub)
Fullmer, Jerry
G.(Vintage Joe), Joe
Hasse, Mark
Haworth/Walker, Brandon  (Asked to sub)
Laursen, Michael  (Asked to sub)
McCann, Rich
McCann, Rich
McPhail, Joe
McPhail, Justin
Muscio, Pete  (Asked to sub)
Perry, Jeff
REEBER, TOM  (Asked to sub)
Rogers, Schuyler
Sini, John
Stannard, Sean
Walker, Mike
Walker, John

Note To Players

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