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Confirmed Players

Location: St Mary's
Time: Sunday, April 18, 2021  6:00:00 PM
Armstrong, Rob  (Asked to sub)
Barker, Chris  (Asked to sub)
Belanger, Tim  (Asked to sub)
Belanger, Joe
Fullmer, Jerry
Fullmer, Lori  (Asked to sub)
Fullmer, Austin  (Asked to sub)
G.(Vintage Joe), Joe
Hasse, Mark
Keith, Eric  (Asked to sub)
Lachner, Clair  (Asked to sub)
Machecern, Duncan  (Asked to sub)
McCann, Rich
McMartin, Brad  (Asked to sub)
McPhail, Joe
Moise, Vic  (Asked to sub)
Muscio, Pete  (Asked to sub)
Opiela, Joe
Perry, Jeff
REEBER, TOM  (Asked to sub)
Stannard, Sean

Note To Players

Great skate this past week! Thank you to everyone who chipped in extra! Sign up early!